Anxiety in Moscow continues

Anxiety in Russia continues

It is reported that at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, a passenger boarded the plane and stated that there was a bomb in her backpack.

The plane is supposed to fly to Yerevan, Russian media write about this.

The bomb, according to her, is in her hand luggage. The flight was urgently delayed.

Now Russian security forces are conducting an investigation.

It is also known at this moment that the passenger is behaving very aggressively.

Anxiety in Moscow continues

The evacuation of people in St. Petersburg is also reported. An emergency evacuation took place in the London Mall.

Sappers have arrived at the evacuation site, the media reports. Evacuation began after the bomb was reported.

The man said that he allegedly planted explosives in the building. He was detained. The detainee does not admit where the explosives are located.