An accident with a rally car in Hungary

An accident with a rally car in Hungary

It became known that a rally car crashed into a large group of people in Hungary.

As a result, four spectators were killed and several others were injured. This was reported by the Hungarian police.

The accident occurred during a race near the Danube River in northwestern Hungary, between the settlements of Bayot and Labatlan.

The published footage shows how a car at high speed crashes into spectators who have gathered to watch the race.

According to Hungarian mass media, helicopters and a large number of medical vehicles were sent to the scene of the accident.

Currently, it is known that two spectators, including one child, were seriously injured. 

On its page in social networks, the organizer of the race “Arrabona Rally Club” announced that the competition was interrupted due to an acciden att the stage of the Labatlan-Baina race.