The first elevator to space

The first elevator to space

Japan is building an elevator to space: a tower with a lifting mechanism powered by electromagnetic devices.

A space elevator (or space bridge) is a transportation mechanism that connects the Earth’s surface with an object in orbit or another space object.

It consists of a heavy-duty cable, as well as moving blocks capable of moving cargo.

According to engineers’ estimates, such an object may become the largest ever realized in principle.

Its construction is estimated at about $10 billion. At the same time, the space elevator will reduce the cost of delivery of objects in orbit from $3500 to $25 per 1 pound (that is, for 0.45 kg).

Obayashi Corporation has been developing the project since 2012, which they want to put into operation in 2050.

The main challenge now is finding a material for the cable or elevator tube.

Scientists will have to develop a new strong material with a length of at least 22 thousand miles.