Wreckage of a drone found in Romania near the border with Ukraine

It has become known that fragments of a Russian combat drone were found on the island of Great Braila, which is located on the territory of Romania near the border with Ukraine.

The incident was confirmed by the Romanian Defense Ministry, Reuters reported.

Local media reported that the wreckage was found in the island’s farmland and several army searchers were sent to the island to investigate the event.

But Romania said it does not yet know exactly whose drone flew into the country’s territory.

Such statements are made even after the Russian army launched several groups of combat drones to attack Ukraine before this incident.

The corresponding statement was made by Romanian Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu.

“We have to wait until the investigation is over. If we look at the crater, we can see that the drone did not explode, so it could not have caused any harm, even if it fell in another area,” Ciolacu said in response to reporters’ questions.

Incidents with Russian drones, which have started flying into the territories of neighboring countries, have been a regular occurrence recently.

Romanian media showed footage of a drone that fell on the country’s territory.

Romania has been a NATO member since 2014, so in fact Russian drones have been flying in and violating the border of the North Atlantic alliance again.

Video of search operations on Romania’s Big Island of Braila, where the wreckage of a Russian drone is believed to have fallen.