Winston Churchill’s false teeth sold for £18,000

A false jaw that belonged to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was sold at auction for 18 thousand pounds sterling (21 thousand euros).

The BBC reports this.

It is noted that the British politician wore these false teeth during the Second World War, including during his “We will fight on the beaches” speech.

In it, he talked about the military disaster that befell the Allies and warned about a possible German invasion attempt.

Winston Churchill's false teeth sold for £18,000
Winston Churchill’s dentures. Photo by BBC

The prosthesis was created to reproduce Churchill’s speech style – he had a slight lisp.

These teeth were designed for him at the age of 65. It is believed to be one of three or four examples of the Englishman’s false teeth.

In addition to the dentures, a microphone was also sold at auction, from which Churchill announced the end of World War II.

It was valued at 11.5 thousand pounds sterling (13.5 thousand euros).

Winston Churchill's false teeth sold for £18,000
The microphone used by Winston Churchill to announce Victory Day. Photo by BBC

Let us remind you that the false teeth of the former British Prime Minister were put up for auction at the end of January.

The starting price of this exhibit was 9 thousand euros.

VIDEO. Winston Churchill announces the end of World War.