What was inside the Titanic?

Animator Jared Owen developed a 3D-animation of the Titanic, which sank on April 15, 1912, in the North Atlantic.

The American reproduced the smallest details of the ship, all its 10 decks and showed its cross section.

Jared was aided in this by countless sources. Such as the site “Encyclopedia Titanica”, National Geographic, and the book “Gaines’ Guide”.

During his work, he used a special program to create open source 3D content.

The Titanic was the most famous liner in history, sinking 122 years ago during a collision with an iceberg.

It was its first and only voyage across the ocean.

As it is known, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has promised to reproduce the Titanic. It will cost about a billion pounds.

It is known that Titanic II is planned to reproduce by 2027, it will have the exact characteristics of the original ship.

Also, the new project will include modern navigation and safety systems.

Video taken from Jared Owen’s YouTube channel.