Ізраїлю оголосили війну!

War has been declared on Israel! Troops are fighting Hamas militants

War has been declared on Israel, – the country’s defense minister.

Israeli troops are fighting Hamas militants in all areas of infiltration.

The number of victims exceeded 100 people.
The Israeli army announced the launch of the “counter-terrorism operation “Iron Swords” in the Gaza Strip.

Escalation in Israel: what is known now?

▪️️ Dozens of fighter jets hit Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip – Times of Israel;

▪The Israeli army is removing equipment from the south of the country to prevent it from falling into the hands of Hamas militants;

▪️️ There are already more than 200 victims among the Israeli population. It is also known that Hamas took in more than 35 captives.

▪️️ The rapid response system may not have worked in Israel. We had to involve the regular army – local analysts.