Ukrainian drones with artificial intelligence

Ukrainian drones with artificial intelligence

The military demonstrated the operation of the Ukrainian Saker Scout drone with artificial intelligence.

The drone has target recognition function and can detect 64 objects.

Saker Scout works even where there is protection by electronic warfare systems. Its flight range is up to 10 km.

Drones without the participation of operators have already attacked the Russian military.

The new Saker Scout drones can attack and detect different types of military targets in areas where radio interference interferes with communications with other aircraft.

These small quadcopters can carry up to three kilograms of bombs and have already proven effective in destroying heavy tanks.

Video of the robots of the Ukrainian drone Saker Scout published. MILITARY COURIER


It was previously reported that Ukraine has developed ammunition for an FPV drone that can penetrate armor upon impact.

Such weapons are very effective against lightly armored vehicles – self-propelled howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, protected by anti-cumulative and anti-drone weapons.