Two Ukrainians killed in Germany

Two Ukrainians killed in Germany

It has become known that the Ukrainians killed in Germany were servicemen who were undergoing rehabilitation at a local clinic.

A Russian man is suspected of killing them. The dead Ukrainian servicemen had serious wounds to their limbs and were unable to fully defend themselves.

A double murder took place yesterday near a shopping center in Murnau. This is reported by local police.

It has become known that the Ukrainians killed by a Russian in Germany were servicemen undergoing rehabilitation in a local clinic

According to local police, two men were stabbed to death.

Daniel Katz, a police spokesman, said that the crime occurred around 17:15 in front of a grocery store.

The perpetrator initially fled, but the 57-year-old suspect was quickly tracked down at a home address near the crime scene.

The 36-year-old man died at the scene, and the 23-year-old victim died at a nearby hospital the same evening.

The cause of the conflict is not being stated at this time. The suspect is expected to be arraigned today.

The video was published by BR24 channel. The victims – two men – were found in front of the shopping center with stab wounds.