Trump met with Musk to finance his presidential campaign

Trump is seeking financial help and has met with Musk

Former President Donald Trump met with Elon Musk in search of funding for his presidential campaign.

This is reported by The New York Times.

Journalists, citing their sources, write that the meeting took place in Florida.

Several Republican donors were at that closed-door meeting.

Trump praised Musk in front of everyone, but it is not yet clear whether the billionaire will agree to support him financially.

Musk has donated to candidates from both parties over the years, but has not given large amounts.

Recently, Musk began to criticize Joe Biden over migration policy and the influx of migrants to the United States.

And his posts in X show that he considers Biden’s defeat in the elections extremely important.

Earlier, he commented on a video in which Joe Biden said that he did not have the authority to reduce the flow of illegal immigrants.

Musk said that such opportunities exist because the increase in migration flow was caused by Biden’s own decrees.