Trump met with Duda in New York

Trump met with Duda in New York

Polish President Andrzej Duda met with former US President Donald Trump in New York.

The meeting of politicians took place in the Trump Tower building, it is the personal residence and business center of the Republican.

During the meeting, Trump and Duda discussed defense, NATO and other topics. This is reported by Reuters.

This meeting was quite unexpected – in the sense that the two politicians had not definitively confirmed it before.

It is reported that the parties discussed the Polish President’s proposal that NATO member countries should spend at least 3% of their GDP on NATO.

Andrzej Duda said after the meeting that it was a friendly meeting in a very good atmosphere.

At the same time, Polish Prime Minister Tusk supports Biden rather than Trump in the upcoming US presidential election.

All because of Trump’s insufficiently pro-Ukrainian and insufficiently anti-Russian stance.

Earlier, Hungary’s pro-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, on a visit to the United States, met with Donald Trump in Florida.

During the meeting, Trump began praising Orban: “Orban is the boss. He’s a great leader, a fantastic leader.”