Three shots, three burned Russian tanks

During the battle, Ukrainian tankers destroyed three tanks of the Russian invaders in 15 minutes.

The video from the combat episode was published by the press service of the 53rd Brigade of the Army of Ukraine.

“15 minutes, one tank crew, three shots, three completely burned enemy tanks. That’s how the enemy’s next attempt to move forward ended,” the military reports.

The location of the battle is unknown, but it is known that the 53rd Ukrainian brigade is currently fighting near Avdiivka.

The Ukrainian crew stopped the advance of the Russian military in the Avdiyiv direction.

Currently, it is not known on which tank the Ukrainian soldiers burned the enemy’s equipment, showing such an excellent result in the battle.

Previously, a video was published of the Russian military advancing on Chinese golf carts instead of infantry fighting vehicles.

They use golf carts to quickly transport small groups of infantry to the front lines.