Scholz opposed the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine

It is reported that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz again opposed the transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

He stated that then the Germans themselves would have to deal with the detection and control of targets.

The German publication Focus writes about this.

Scholz said he “does not want a situation to arise in which German knowledge and experience will be used directly to detect Russian targets.”

“We should not be bound by the goals that this system achieves at any point and in any place. This clarity is also necessary.”

“It surprises me that some people don’t even think about the fact that what we are doing could lead to participation in a war, so to speak,” said the German Chancellor.

Scholz opposed the supply of Taurus missiles to Ukraine

He also said that Britain and France are involved in monitoring targets for their long-range missiles, which were transferred to Ukraine.

“This is a very long-range weapon. And what the British and French do in terms of target control and tracking cannot be done in Germany. Anyone who has dealt with this system knows this,” Scholz said.

As you know, a few days ago the Bundestag approved a resolution calling for the transfer of long-range weapons to Ukraine.