Sanctions are hitting Russian air carriers

Sanctions are hitting Russian air carriers

It became known that three planes of Russian airlines had engine failures during the flight. This was reported by the Moscow Times.

The third plane of S7 Airlines in the last three days had an engine breakdown during a flight/

An Airbus A-320, taking off from Omsk, landed today in Domodedovo with a faulty right engine, with more than 170 people on board.

On January 27, the Boeing 737-800 was unable to take off – the board and 160 people from Ulan-Ude to Moscow never took off from the ground.

On the same day, the S7 flight from Moscow to Turkish Antalya did not take place.

It is also reported that S7 Airlines previously had problems with aircraft maintenance.

First, with the repair of American P&W engines for Airbus A320 / A321neo, with which technical organizations in Russia and Iran do not work.

Another incident occurred today with a Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft, which was flying from Harbin, China.

Video. An emergency landing at Yakutsk airport after problems with the engine and a fire sensor in the luggage compartment.