Russia's biggest tank offensive

Russia’s biggest tank offensive

It became known that the Russian army conducted the largest tank offensive for the entire war. Forbes writes about it.

On March 30, the Russian military made perhaps one of the largest tank offensive for the entire war against Ukraine.

“When the smoke cleared, the Russians had left a third of their tanks on the road west of the ruins of Avdeevka in eastern Ukraine”

“So ended one of the largest tank battles in Russia’s 25-month war in Ukraine . ,” military analysts reported.

Photo. The attack of the Russian military in the Avdiivka direction.

Russia's biggest tank offensive

The most massive use of Russian equipment at one battle was recorded. We are talking about 36 tanks and 12 BMPs.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces report that they managed to knock out more than 12 tanks and 8 infantry fighting vehicles.

The fact that the Ukrainians were able to defeat such a large and heavily armed Russian force points to another trend, the journalists said.

Despite shortages of key ammunition, Ukrainian brigades are still able to organize a fierce defense.

Successful defenses have been realized with mines, artillery, anti-tank missiles, and explosive drones with first-person view.

The video shows the largest tank attack by the Russian occupiers in the Avdiiv direction.