Russian Su-34 shot down near occupied Mariupol

Russian Su-34 shot down near occupied Mariupol

Ukrainian partisans have published a video from the crash site of a Russian Su-34 bomber near the occupied city of Mariupol.

The Russian Su-34 plane was shot down the day before by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It was reported that around 09:00 a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber was destroyed in the eastern direction.

A Russian plane tried to strike Ukrainian positions with guided air bombs.

The Ukrainian military managed to destroy 14 Russian planes in 10 days.

Eleven Su-34s, two Su-35s and one A-50 will no longer drop bombs on Ukrainian defenders and civilians.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called on Ukraine’s partners to speed up decision-making regarding the strengthening of Ukrainian air defense and air forces.