Ліквідований ворожий генерал Татаренко

Russian General Tatarenko was killed at Belbek airfield

It became known that after a recent attack on the Belbek airfield, a Russian general was killed.

Russian Telegram channels report the death of the commander of the aviation squadron, Lieutenant General Alexander Tatarenko.

General Tatarenko was reported to be among the 10 Russian servicemen killed.

Judging by information from open sources, the liquidated general was 63 years old.

He served in the Far East, the Urals, Siberia and the northern regions of the Russian Federation.

At the beginning of 2016, the general was appointed commander of the 14th Air Force and Air Defense Army of the Central Military District of the Russian Federation.

General Tatarenko military pilot 1st class.

Russian General Tatarenko was killed at Belbek airfield

As is known, as a result of the attack on the occupied Crimea, missiles hit the Belbek military airfield.

The communication point of military unit 80159 was also attacked. The communication point caught fire, the fire area was about 30 square meters. m”.

Video. Attack on the Belbek military airfield. Occupied Crimea.