Russia launched missiles at Kyiv during Josep Borrell’s visit

EU Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell started the morning in Kyiv hiding from missiles in a shelter.

“I start the morning in a shelter when air raid signals are heard throughout Kyiv. This is the daily reality of the brave Ukrainian people since Russia began its illegal aggression,” the diplomat wrote in H.

As you know, EU Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell arrived at a visit to the capital of Ukraine on Tuesday, February 6.

After a new Russian missile attack on Ukraine in Kyiv, one of the missiles hit a multi-story building.

As a result of the enemy attack, 13 people were injured – Klitschko

“10 of them, including a pregnant woman, were hospitalized, three people were injured in the Dnieper region. Two of them were hospitalized, one was treated by doctors on the spot,” the mayor of the capital said.

The fire in Kyiv after Russian shelling is still ongoing. There may be dead under the rubble, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine said.