Tu-22M3 strategic bomber

Russia has lost its Tu-22M3 strategic bomber

The Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed that a Tu-22M3 strategic bomber has crashed in the Stavropol region.

It is stated that it was returning from a so-called combat mission when it bombed peaceful cities in Ukraine.

Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers
Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers

It is reported that the plane went down near the settlement of Bogomolov. It’s about 400 kilometers from the front line in Ukraine.

This is the first strategic aircraft to be shot down during the entire time of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Information has emerged that the shooting down of the Tu-22MZ is a Ukrainian intelligence operation, the RBC news and analysis website has reported, citing its own sources.

This is the first Russian strategic aircraft that Ukraine managed to destroy during a flight.

Today, the Russian aggressor attacked Ukraine again.

Some of the missiles were shot down by Ukrainian air defenses. In particular, just in the morning, tentatively, 9 missiles. And 2 more – at night.

In the city of Dnipro, in addition to a residential building, two infrastructure facilities were damaged.

The total in the city now, tentatively, 2 dead and 15 wounded.