weapons in space

Russia commented on plans to deploy nuclear weapons in space

The Kremlin said that the information about Russia’s plans to place nuclear weapons in space is a “trick by the White House.”

This statement was made by Putin’s press secretary Dmytro Peskov.

“I cannot comment on this in any way. Let’s wait for this briefing, maybe there will be some information. But it’s obvious that the White House is trying to push Congress to vote on the bill on allocating money to Ukraine, that’s obvious,” Peskov said.

As you know, the day before, the chairman of the intelligence committee of the US House of Representatives, Mike Turner, provided the members of Congress with intelligence about a “serious threat to national security” related to Russia.

Assistant to the President of the United States for national security, Jake Sullivan, will hold a closed briefing for Congress today, February 15.

VIDEO CNN. US has new intelligence on Russian nuclear capabilities in space.