Penthouse worth 8.5 million dollars

Penthouse worth 8.5 million dollars

Architectural Jewel of Chicago: Penthouse Worth 8.5 Million Dollars.

Located on prestigious North Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, USA, this 8,000 square foot penthouse is an outstanding example of early 20th century architecture.

The architectural style of the penthouse reflects the characteristic features of the period of its construction, combining elements of classicism and modernism.

The penthouse consists of two floors surrounding a garden terrace. Features include ornamental wooden ceilings, antique frescoes, a two-story living room with a fireplace and a spiral staircase.

Since its construction in 1928, this penthouse has been home to just three families.

Its location provides spectacular views of Lake Michigan, adding aesthetic and natural value to the historical significance of the property.

The home was originally listed for sale in 2020 for $24 million.