Netanyahu called the strike on the refugee camp a "tragic accident"

Netanyahu called the strike on the refugee camp a “tragic accident”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the strike on the Rafah refugee camp a “tragic accident.”

As a result of this strike, dozens of Palestinian civilians were killed.

He said this while speaking in parliament, the Times of Israel reports.

The Israel Defense Forces initially said they had struck a Hamas compound and killed two of its commanders.

But later, it said it was investigating the civilian deaths.

Hamas says 45 people were killed and dozens were wounded.

The EU held a “serious” discussion on the possibility of imposing sanctions on Israel, Irish Foreign Minister Michel Martin said.

The UN Security Council called an emergency meeting. The US National Security Council characterized the footage of the strike on Rafah as “heartbreaking.”

French President Emmanuel Macron demanded that Israel halt operations in the Gaza Strip.

Video of an Israeli airstrike on a tent camp in the Gaza Strip.