Lukashenko fell ill at the SCO summit in Kazakhstan

The self-proclaimed President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, became ill during his visit to the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Kazakhstan.

It is known that it happened 1.5–2 hours after the arrival of the Belarusian dictator in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana.

This is reported by the Russian opposition TV channel “Dozhd,” citing informed sources.

The very next day, speaking at the summit, Lukashenko looked very pale and spoke uncertainly, the journalists note.

“According to our sources, an hour and a half to two hours after his arrival in Kazakhstan, his condition began to deteriorate sharply in front of the summit participants.”

“The next day, he spoke at the summit before the heads of state, but you can see that he looks worse. His face is pale, his speech is not very confident,” a journalist from the Dozhd TV channel described the situation.

Video. Lukashenko speech at the SCO summit in Kazakhstan.

Earlier in May 2023, it was reported about Lukashenko’s severe illness; he then disappeared for five days.

And on May 9, he was at the parade in Moscow, where they noticed a bandage on his arm. Lukashenko could not go with the other guests; he was driven separately by an electric car.

Video May 2023. Lukashenko feels ill during the walk. Further on in the video, in the background, you can see how hard he is getting into an electric car.

It was also reported that Lukashenko had a strange head tremor during his meeting with Putin at the recent CSTO summit in Minsk. Such head shaking has never been caught on camera before.

Video. CSTO summit in Minsk.