Italian mafia boss detained in France

Italian mafia boss detained in France

It is reported that Italian mafia boss Marco Raduano was detained in France.

He escaped from a maximum security prison last year by using tied sheets to climb down a wall.

CNN reports this.

Marco Raduano, the 40-year-old boss of the Gargano mafia in the Puglia region of southern Italy, was detained on Thursday outside a luxury restaurant in Bastia, Corsica, where he was dining with a female companion.

Italian mafia boss detained in France
Photo Europol

Along with Raduano, his right-hand man Gianluigi Troiano, who escaped from house arrest in 2021 by removing his electronic bracelet, was also detained.

He was arrested on Thursday in Granada, Spain, while he was collecting a parcel at a service point.

Raduano’s escape through a prison window using tied sheets occurred just under a year ago and was captured on prison surveillance cameras.

Raduano spent 16 seconds figuring everything out and fled on foot. The criminal was not only not pursued by the guards, but was not even noticed.

This fact prompted an internal investigation into the maximum security prison.