ISIS announced new terrorist attacks in Russia

Terrorists allegedly announced new terrorist attacks in Russia.

ISIS said that in this way they will take revenge on president Putin and the Russian Federation for the torture of members of the organization who organized the recent terrorist attack in “Crocus City“.

This warning is reported by Iranian mass media. Also, a poster with threats on behalf of Islamists is being circulated on the network.

On the same poster, it is written that ISIS terrorists indicate that the new terrorist attack may be more powerful and bloodier.

“To all wild Russians, including Putin.

Be careful! Do not think that we do not have the opportunity to take revenge on you for our captive brothers. In Friday’s attack, we proved to you that God willing, the Islamic State mujahideen can punish you for any of your atrocities, without this revenge, there will be a lot of blood from the Islamic Ummah.

Torturing captured mujahideen on your behalf and publishing their videos increases the thirst for your blood in thousands of captive brothers. This time we will give you such a blow on the head that future generations, God willing, will remember you, and these past pains and wounds will be forgotten.

So! Very hard, deadly, gory, stinging, burning and devastating blows. Wait!” – says the poster, which Iranian mass media call a direct threat to Russia from ISIS.

ISIS announced new terrorist attacks in Russia