Il-76 plane crashed

Il-76 plane crashed in Russia

A video of an Il-76 flying with a burning turbine over the Ivanovo region of the Russian Federation was published online.

Russian media reported that the plane’s engine fell off in the air.

There were 15 people on board the plane, all of them died. Il-76 was performing a training flight.

According to preliminary data, it took off from the Severny airfield and stayed in the air for several minutes.

But while the plane was turning in the air, its engine suddenly caught fire.

The plane crashed in a forested area near a cemetery and continues to burn.

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the crash of the Il-76.

They said that the plane was performing a scheduled flight, and the cause of the crash was the fire of one of the engines during takeoff.

The department clarified that there were 15 people on board – 7 passengers and 8 crew members.