If Ukraine had nuclear weapons, would we be attacked?

If Ukraine had nuclear weapons, would we be attacked?

The Russian breakthrough on Kharkiv ended in military casualties 1 in 8. One Ukrainian for eight Russians – Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The main thing from the interview with the President of Ukraine:

🔹 Under attack first, the Baltic countries are Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. In these countries, we can try to test NATO’s reaction to an invasion by Russia.

🔹 I asked Biden and the EU to impose sanctions against the Kremlin, Putin, his entourage, and Russia’s energy industry before the invasion, so he knows it will hurt. But no one heard us.

🔹 Regarding the alliance – military and strategic—with Russia, there is no way any of your countries can have a strategic alliance with Putin.

🔹 China has to protect Ukraine and promised independent Ukraine security in the Budapest Memorandum based on Ukraine giving up nuclear weapons.

🔹  If Ukraine had nuclear weapons, would Russia attack us? No. So why talk about the balance between our countries?

🔹 The peace summit will have three items out of 10: nuclear energy security, food security and an all-for-all swap with the return of Ukrainian children.

🔹 Russia has always wanted a divided world. And this is the only way Putin can get away from the political and economic isolation of his country.