У Лас-Вегасі тестується високотехнологічна сфера MSG Sphere

High-tech MSG Sphere is being tested in Las Vegas

It’s not from our universe! In Las Vegas, they began testing the high-tech MSG Sphere for $2 billion.

Made from 54,000 square meters of LED panels, this exosphere is visible from miles away.

At 366 feet high and 516 feet wide, it will be the largest spherical structure in the world, according to Nypost.

The MSG Sphere will feature 170,000 “ultra directional” drivers using wave field synthesis to provide high quality sound for concertgoers.

From the outset, the budget for the 20,000-seat hall was $1.2 billion.

The site is expected to cost $2.2 billion. The official opening of MSG Sphere is scheduled for September 29th.