Hail of abnormal size fell in China

Hail of abnormal size fell in China

It is reported that in China, hail of abnormal size fell; in some places it was the size of a coconut.

An unusual natural phenomenon was observed in the Chinese region of Guangzhou.

Locals publish on social networks vivid videos of yesterday’s devastating tornado, during which hail was the size of a coconut.

Blobs of ice flying from the sky damaged roofs, cars and other outdoor property.

In total, according to preliminary information from the Central Television of the PRC, as a result of the tornado in Guangzhou killed five people, 33 more were injured.

The wind speed in the Baiyun area, which suffered the most damage, was 28.5–32.6 meters per second.

The largest hailstorm documented is considered to be the hailstorm that fell on June 22, 2003, in Nebraska, – 17.8 cm in diameter and 47.8 cm in circumference.

On May 30, 1879, hailstones up to 38 cm in diameter were formed during the passage of a tornado in the state of Kansas in the USA.