Дебютне плавання найбільшого круїзного корабля у світі

First voyage of the largest cruise ship in the world

Icon of the Seas is a grand cruise ship scheduled to launch on January 27, 2024.

The ship is 365 meters long, which is approximately the length of three and a half football fields, making it larger than all cruise ships.

The ship has 20 decks, of which 18 are accessible to passengers. Icon of the Seas has a total capacity of up to 7,600 passengers and approximately 2,350 crew.

There are eight unique “neighborhoods” on board, offering a variety of entertainment and amenities, including more than 40 restaurants and the largest water park on a cruise ship.

Cruises on this ship last one week and include trips to the Eastern and Western Caribbean.

Ticket prices start at $1,723 per person.

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