Двері з «Титаніка» продали за 718 тисяч доларів

Doors from “Titanic” sold for 718 thousand dollars

The door from the movieTitanic“, on which Kate Winslet’s heroine was saved in the final part of the picture, sold for 718 thousand dollars.

A piece of balsa wood was sold at the auction “Treasures from Planet Hollywood” from the auction house Heritage Auctions for 718,750 dollars.

The starting price of the lot with the door was 40 thousand dollars. About it writes the publication The Hollywood Reporter.

Purchased the door unknown buyer. At the auction was also sold chiffon dress, which was worn by the actress. Its value amounted to 125 thousand dollars.

Двері з «Титаніка» продали за 718 тисяч доларів

The auction also featured items from other iconic films.

Black suit Symbiote from Sam Raimi’s movie “Spider-Man 3: Enemy in the imprint” sold for $ 125 thousand.

The same amount was laid out for Jack Nicholson’s axe from the horror film “The Shining”.

And for the whip of the hero Harrison Ford from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” the buyer paid 525 thousand dollars.