Americans wearing Apple Vision Pro augmented and virtual reality glasses

The first Americans have already started wearing the new augmented and virtual reality glasses, Apple Vision Pro.

The official start of sales of glasses took place in the United States on Friday.

The Vision Pro is a pair of glasses with a curved, transparent 3D outer screen. The user’s eyes are visible on the external screen – this is a simulation that the device reads in advance before use.

You can control the headset using your voice or gestures. The user can turn pages of text using eye movements.

Vision Pro is equipped with two external cameras for video transmission, as well as a pair of 4K-capable screens inside the headset for virtual reality functionality.

You can switch from virtual to augmented reality using a special wheel.

The glasses have video conferencing capabilities and virtual meeting rooms with realistic avatars. In addition, the headset allows you to watch movies in 3D format.

The cost of glasses starts at $3,500.