After the presidential elections, Russia may launch a new offensive in Ukraine

After the presidential elections in March, Russia could launch another big offensive in Ukraine.

This opinion was expressed by the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, in his blog following a recent visit to Kyiv.

“Another big Russian offensive could begin within a few months of the Russian elections in March.”

“However, I have seen that the Ukrainian people remain determined to continue the fight, and I have seen their ingenuity and resilience in their work,” Borrell said.

After the presidential elections in March, the Russian Federation may launch a new big offensive in Ukraine, - Josep Borrell

He stressed that the Ukrainian military has enough motivation to fight, but lacks help.

“What the EU and its member states do in the coming months to provide Ukraine with the tools to counter the Russian offensive will be crucial for both Ukraine and the security of the European Union,” the head of European diplomacy said.

He called on EU member states to work with their defense companies to review contracts and prioritize arms and ammunition supplies to Ukraine.