У Німеччині затримали українського пенсіонера з 455 000 євро

A Ukrainian pensioner was detained in Germany with 455,000 euros

Information has emerged that a Ukrainian pensioner was detained in Germany, carrying 455 thousand euros.

The publication BILD talks about this case.

It is known that a 66-year-old Ukrainian was stopped at Munich airport for a random check.

During the search, customs officers found large stacks of 50 and 20 euro bills among his belongings.

It turned out that the Ukrainian pensioner was transporting more than 455 thousand euros. The man was trying to get to Cyprus.

At the beginning of the inspection, he stated that he only had 300 euros with him.

While boarding the plane, another man approached the Ukrainian and handed him another suitcase.

Such suspicious actions aroused interest in them from local law enforcement officers.

A Ukrainian pensioner was detained in Germany with 455,000 euros
Photo: Main Customs Office of Munich

The German customs service began to investigate “who owns the funds, where they came from and whether this constitutes money laundering.”

It is reported that, most likely, the confiscated funds will be transferred to the benefit of the state.


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