Yanjin is the narrowest city in the world

Yanjin is the narrowest city in the world

China’s Yanjin is one of the world’s most unusual cities, located along the steep banks of the Nanxi River on both sides.

In an area of only 3 km2, 63,000 people live there, making it one of the most densely populated places on the planet.

The city is only 30 meters wide at its narrowest point and just under 300 meters wide at its widest.

Buildings in Yanjing are built on high piles to avoid flooding during the rainy season.

Since 2021, the city has been using “Sponge City” technology, which stores rainwater, preventing flooding and lowering temperatures.

The water is stored within the city and then either used for public use or evaporated.

The city was founded in 1917 along the railroad linking China to Vietnam.