Viktor Orban flew to China

Viktor Orban flew to China

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Chinese leader Xi Jinping met in Beijing.

It is reported that Orbán’s visit was probably somewhat “unexpected,” as evidenced by the lack of information in official Chinese Foreign Ministry reports on whose invitation he came at.

Orban himself commented on social media about his arrival in Beijing as a “peacekeeping mission 3.0” after his visits to Kyiv.

“China is a key force in creating conditions for peace in the Russia-Ukraine war. That is why I came to meet President Xi Jinping in Beijing, just two months after his official visit to Budapest,” Orban wrote

At the same time, neither Ukraine nor the EU agreed or coordinated Orban’s trips to Moscow and Beijing.

The principle of “no agreements on Ukraine without Ukraine” remains inviolable for Kyiv and Brussels.