Viktor Orban arrived in Kyiv

Viktor Orban arrived in Kyiv

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has already arrived in Kyiv, the Ukrainian mass media have reported.

This is Orban’s first visit to Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion.

Viktor Orban is scheduled to have a number of meetings with Ukrainian politicians and President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The main topics of the meeting will be the achievement of peace in Ukraine and the settlement of Hungarian-Ukrainian relations.

The meeting will also address the issue of Hungary’s demand for a settlement and the protection of national minorities.

A video of Orbán’s motorcade has appeared online, and he was spotted at the Hungarian embassy in Kyiv.

Earlier, the document on negotiations with Ukraine on its accession to the EU included Hungary’s demands on the protection of national minorities.

Budapest insisted on returning to its minority all the rights it had before 2015.

These include the free use of the Hungarian language in Ukraine and the political representation in the region and at the republican level.

Video. Vladimir Zelensky met with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at the Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanyshyna promised that they would fully fulfill Hungary’s 11 demands regarding national minorities as part of EU accession.

Earlier, at the EU summit meeting, Viktor Orban approached Vladimir Zelensky, and they had a brief but emotional conversation about something.