The Taliban declared war on Iran

Fighting began on the border between Iran and Afghanistan. Taliban troops are advancing on the territory of Iran. At this time, there are already killed soldiers.

The Taliban declared war on Iran
The Taliban declared war on Iran

A military conflict broke out over water rights on the Afghan border. The Helmond River flows from the Afghan mountains to the Iranian province of Sistan, where it flows into a lake that regularly dries up.

Sistan province is currently experiencing a drought, and Iran accuses the Taliban of building new dams on the river and diverting water.

The military Taliban promise to seize Tehran, the capital of Iran, in a few days, if they do not stop the provocations.

It is reported that the Taliban have captured Iranian posts on the border.

Currently, the Taliban has significant military resources, the US left a lot of equipment and weapons in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of troops.


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