The failure of the Russian army near Kharkiv

The failure of the Russian army near Kharkiv

After a month and a half of the offensive on Kharkiv, the occupation army of the Russian Federation has still not managed to achieve the goal of creating a so-called “sanitary zone,” which they have repeatedly announced.

The Ukrainian military not only reliably holds the defense, allowing the enemy to advance deep into the Ukrainian territory and come closer to Kharkiv, but also successfully counterattack.

The counter-offensive actions of the Ukrainian army in the north of the Kharkiv region have been recognized by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

He seems to have already started to prepare Russian society for the failure of the Russian offensive in this direction.

While on a visit to Vietnam, Putin said that Ukraine allegedly intends to dislodge the Russian army from near Kharkiv “at any cost.”

According to the Kremlin chief, such a task is allegedly set before Kyiv by the United States and Europeans ahead of the NATO summit in Washington and the presidential election in America.

“And I assure you that this is the case; I know what I am talking about… Let’s see what happens,” he said in comments to the Russian media.

In reality, Putin’s statements look like an attempt to justify himself for the failed operation of the Russian army in the Kharkiv region.

This is the preparation of the information field for the fact that Russian troops will eventually be knocked out of Kharkiv Region.