Scientists have found the oldest wine in the world

Scientists have found the oldest wine in the world

It became known about the discovery of the oldest wine in the world, the drink was found by Spanish archaeologists from the University of Cordoba.

The most remarkable finding was that wine was preserved in liquid form. The drink is more than 2,000 years old.

It was found inside a funerary urn discovered in an ancient Roman tomb in the Andalusian city of Carmona.

The study was published in the scientific publication Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports (JASR).

An analysis of the wine inside the glass vessel showed that it contained characteristic chemical elements similar to the composition of modern sherry.

The scientists determined that the substance in the urn did not originate from a flood or was not condensation.

In addition to the alcohol, the scientists also found the cremated remains of one person in the funerary urn.

Scientists have found the oldest wine in the world
Photo: Journal of Archaeological Science

They also found an ancient gold ring bearing the image of the two-faced Janus.

The head of the study, Jose Rafael Ruiz Arrebola, said that the jewelry was put in the urn after the cremation of its owner.

Microbiological analysis of the found wine showed that it is not toxic.

But archaeologists did not begin to find out the taste of the drink, which was in contact with the ashes of the Roman for two thousand years.