Russian troops are surrounded at the Volchansk factory

Russian troops are surrounded at the Vovchansk factory

Russian occupation units at the Aggregate Plant in Vovchansk, Kharkiv Region, have found themselves surrounded by Ukrainian troops.

The Russian military has reportedly been trying to break the encirclement at the factory for two days now, but all attempts have been unsuccessful.

They are constantly being hit by Ukrainian air bombs and artillery; the number of dead and wounded is growing, and the supply of medicines and provisions is impossible.

Russian troops are surrounded at the Volchansk factory

On June 13, it was reported that Russian military forces had broken through and entrenched themselves on the territory of the Aggregate Plant in Vovchansk.

Deep State military analysts reported that the line of contact east of Vovchansk and at the plant in the city had been clarified.

On the map of the fighting, the experts marked with red-brown shading and dotted lines the territory where the Russians deployed their positions.

It is clear from the map that this is the Aggregate Plant, where the Russian military managed to gain a foothold.

Russian troops are surrounded at the Volchansk factory
Photo of combat maps from Deep State

Earlier, it was reported that the Ukrainian military managed to capture about 60 Russians in one day alone.

The Ukrainian military launched a counterattack and took control of most of the city.

A video has been published showing a Russian military man with his hands up in the air, surrendering in Vovchansk.