Riots in France

Riots in France

Riots began in France when thousands of people dissatisfied with the results of the early elections took to the streets of major cities.

The most numerous actions took place in Paris, Nantes and Lyon.

Supporters of the left, whose party came in second place, burned tires and set fire to smoke bombs.

As you know, Marine Le Pen promised to create a government aimed at fighting migrants in the EU as well as blocking aid to Ukraine.

Official data on the first round of parliamentary elections in France (99.83% of protocols processed).

Le Pen’s National Rally is in the lead with 29.25% of the vote.

The left-wing coalition New Popular Front received 27.99%. Macron’s coalition is in third place with 20.04%.

France has a majoritarian election system. And in those districts where one of the candidates did not receive more than 50% of the votes, there will be a second round (and there are a majority of such districts).

The second round will take place on July 7 – next Sunday.

Macron’s associates and representatives of the New Popular Front have already announced their readiness to withdraw their candidates before the second round.

Whoever took third place in the districts will be removed; this will be done in order to prevent the victory of candidates from the Le Pen party.