Modern tanks will soon become scarce in the Russian army

Modern tanks will soon become scarce in the Russian army

Russia is losing a lot of tanks in the war against Ukraine and is quickly approaching the point where it will no longer be able to compensate for these losses.

It is likely that by the summer of 2026, Russia will deplete its existing Soviet stocks of more or less modern tanks (T-72 and T-80).

This was reported by military analysts of the Covert Cabal.

It is reported that for a long time, Russia relied primarily on stocks of T-72 tanks, which were taken from warehouses, repaired and modernized, and then used to replace lost tanks in the war.

However, the pace of restoring these tanks is gradually slowing down because there are fewer and fewer T-72 tanks suitable for repair in the warehouses.

To cover this gap, Russia has also started to take more complex tanks T-80 from the warehouses for repair and modernization.

When the stocks of T-72 and T-80 are exhausted, the Russian army will be forced to rely only on the production of new tanks of the T-90 series and the remnants of the T-55 and T-62 tanks.

According to Covert Cabal, there are currently six tank storage bases for T-80 tanks in Russia.

According to their estimates, before the war, approximately 1,200 T-80 tanks in relatively “good” condition were stored in the open.

Modern tanks will soon become scarce in the Russian army
Currently, satellites are detecting only about 300 of these tanks in Russian storage bases. The question remains: how many of these tanks are in garages, where satellites cannot see.

The analyst calculated that at the current rate of tank de-preservation, Russia will exhaust its T-80 reserves around the middle of 2026.

Considering those that may theoretically be in garages, this point in time will not be much further away.

Gradually, their numbers in the troops will become smaller, and therefore they will be less actively thrown into battle, and the pace of their destruction will also gradually decrease.

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