Joe Biden and Donald Trump had their first debate in 2024

Joe Biden and Donald Trump had their first debate in 2024

Before the start of the debate, the opponents did not greet each other.

What current US President Joe Biden said:

Trump left a falling economy; people were dying of coronavirus; there was chaos. Trump only cuts taxes for the wealthiest people in America.

We created jobs and will provide solutions to high gasoline prices, housing and more.

Called himself the first U.S. president in a century in which American soldiers are not dying outside the country. When Trump was president, people were dying in Afghanistan.

Putin is a war criminal; he has ruined thousands of people. He claims he would like to restore the Soviet Empire.

If he wins in Ukraine, Russia will threaten Belarus, Hungary, and NATO countries. And I wondered, “What happens then?” if allowed to happen.

We are the most progressive country and have more opportunities. We are a country that keeps its promises.

He called Trump a sucker and loser and noted that the former president has the morals of a “street cat.” Recalled that Trump had sex with a porn star while his wife was pregnant.

What former U.S. President Donald Trump said:

Our economy was the best in the world. Everyone was admiring it. And now, with unprecedented inflation and an influx of migrants, the economy is failing.

Biden opens the borders, illegal migrants are coming into the U.S., who then kill and rape women.

Accused Biden of the U.S. losing its prestige on the world stage and likening it to a “Third World country.”

If we had a president that Putin respected, he would not have invaded Ukraine. And Hamas would never have attacked Israel.

He promised he would end the war in Ukraine before he even officially returned to the White House. Called Putin’s conditions for resolving the situation in Ukraine unacceptable.

Russia took a lot of land under Obama and Biden, but not under me. Putin knew he couldn’t play games with me. This war should never have started.

He said that if Biden wins the election, “there will be nothing left of the United States” and called him the worst president in history.