Gordon Black

In Russia, a U.S. military officer was sentenced to imprisonment

It became known that the American serviceman Gordon Black was sentenced to 3 years and 9 months in a penal colony.

The court sentenced him for allegedly threatening to kill and stealing from his former Russian girlfriend in the city of Vladivostok.

Sgt. Gordon D. Black, 34, was arrested in Vladivostok on May 2 at the request of his girlfriend, 31-year-old Alexandra Vashchyuk.

It is reported that the military man met the girl when he was serving in South Korea.

Black’s close family members told Reuters that the young people’s relationship was abusive.

Black’s ex-wife told reporters that once, during a video call with his daughter, Vashchyuk was caught on camera stabbing the American.

Not much is known about their relationship, but the Russian woman posted a video with Black on TikTok. Black came to Russia in defiance of a ban by his army superiors.


In the spring of 2023, Waszczuk posted a photo on her Facebook page, but with Black completely removed from the image.

She honestly forgot or didn’t want to cut his remaining wine glass on the table out of the image.

In Russia, a U.S. military officer was sentenced to imprisonment

The military man is charged with threatening to kill and stealing 10,000 rubles to pay for a hotel room where he was staying.

Before that, the young men had quarreled. Black pleaded guilty to the theft, but not to the death threat.

In court, the Russian woman stated that the damage caused to her was not compensated, and at the moment she was not ready to reconcile with the defendant.

The Russian woman said on social media that she had lived in South Korea for five years. That’s where they met Sergeant Black.

It is not known exactly how, but the American has been appearing in Vashchuk’s videos since at least 2021.