Wagner camp in Belarus - Табор ПВК «Вагнер» в Білорусі

Footage of the PPK “Wagner” camp in Belarus appeared

Today, photos of a new field camp in Belarus were published on the net.

According to the information of the Belarusian opposition media, mercenaries of the PKK “Wagner” will probably be placed in this camp.

The arrangement of this camp near the settlement of Osipovichi was noticed by experts on satellite images.

The published footage was reportedly taken by local residents. In the photographs you can see the M-30 tents, and inside them there are wooden bunks and decking.

According to the latest estimates, about 8 thousand people can be accommodated in this camp.

Wagner camp in Belarus.

Earlier, it was reported that an unknown person attacked the building of the Belarusian embassy in The Hague. He left the inscriptions in red and black paint: “Luka the terrorist.” and “Belarus Lives”.