Fishermen filmed the flight of Russian missiles

Fishermen have captured a close-up of the flight of Russian missiles fired at Ukraine.

Local fishermen in the Caspian Sea on July 8 managed to capture two of the 38 missiles fired by Russia at Ukraine.

The 16-second video captures the moment the Russian missiles flew over.

“Missiles are flying at us! There’s one, and here’s the second one,” the author of the video comments on what he sees while his comrades laugh nervously behind the scenes.

The first of the missiles flies far away from the fishermen, while the second one is quite close, you can even see its wings.

It has become known that the missile with which the Russians attacked Kyiv’s Okhmatdet children’s hospital contained Western components.

They hit the hospital with the Kh-101 cruise missile, one of the most advanced in the Russian Federation.

Russia now produces nearly eight times as many Kh-101s as it did before the full-scale invasion and still depends on Western parts, the Financial Times reported.

Sanctions have cut Russia off from advanced technology, but the Kremlin has begun using components not intended for military use.