Control the computer using language

Control the computer using language

Computer control with language: Augmental has created a mouth guard with a touchpad for people with disabilities.

The Mouth Pad touchpad is custom-made for each person for comfortable use.

It connects to a variety of devices via Bluetooth and the battery lasts for 5 hours of continuous use.

The touchpad can be controlled by tongue and head movements, allowing paralyzed people to use modern technology without limitations.

“We have a large part of the brain that exerts control over the position of the tongue. The tongue is made up of eight muscles

Most of the muscle fibers contract slowly, which means they don’t fatigue as quickly.

So I thought, why don’t we use all of these?” said Augmental CEO Thomas Vega.


Earlier, it was reported that world scientists tested in the field an army of cyborg cockroaches.

The insects wore backpacks that were connected to them and remotely controlled by a computer.