A Russian command post was destroyed

A Russian command post was destroyed

Ukrainian pilots on Ukrainian MiG-29s have destroyed a command post of the Russian grouping.

The Ukrainian military has published a video showing a precise airstrike by Ukrainian MiG-29s on the command post of the Russians.

This temporarily occupied town of Vasilievka is located in the Zaporizhzhia direction of the front.

The airstrike was yet another proof of Ukrainian pilots’ skill and weapon effectiveness.

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian army has not yet received modern F-16 fighters, which could significantly strengthen its air capabilities.

The MiG-29s demonstrate a high level of combat readiness and the ability to perform combat missions with exceptional accuracy.

This strike emphasizes the importance of front-line airspace control.

The successful destruction of the Russian occupiers’ command center will significantly weaken their ability to coordinate their actions at the front.

This could create additional advantages for the Ukrainian military.